The Fellowship of Awesomeness was created by Gandalf in the hopes of destroying the one ring after Frodo and his gang failed at their mission. The Fellowship of Awesomeness contained people from various different universes, as well as people of different strengths, which created an unstoppable mixture of intelligence, fighting capability, wisdom, experience, and brawn.

Members Edit

The members of the Fellowship of Awesomeness are:

  • Gandalf, the mighty wizard and leader of the fellowship
  • Sherlock Holmes, foremost detective of the 19th century
  • The Man in Black, an island dwelling smoke monster
  • The Doctor, a heroic Time Lord with his time capsule called the TARDIS
  • Batman, masked crime-fighter trained in body and mind
  • Superman, the alien refugee with powers greater than normal human beings
  • Darth Vader, Force Master and Dark Lord of the Sith
  • Thor, the Norse god of thunder
  • Galbatorix, Dragon Rider with magical powers beyond imagining.

History Edit

The Fellowship of Awesomeness was formed by Gandalf with the purpose of destroying the ring. They went on a quest to destroy the ring which took them to the planet Krypton where they faced a great Cthulhu as well as Nazgul, TIE Fighters, and Darkseid.

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