About this character
Height 6 foot three
Age Been around since at least mide nineteen hundreds at least, but looks young....
Abilities Smart, one hundred times stronger than average person, super-resiliant, freeze breath, laser vision, X-ray vision, flight, speed, and hearing.
Weakness Cryptonite, a mineral that renders his powers useless. Lead, a metal he cannot see through with X-ray vision (however, if he is wearing a lead suit cryptonite has no effect on him).
Allies FoA, Lois Laine, JImmy Oleson, Perry White.
Enemies Lex Luther, Braniac, Metallico, and as a member of the Fellowship, Sauron.

Superman is one of the more powerful members of  FOA, his vision and hearing allow the company to know of far off enemies, while his combat skills add to the group's overall incredible-ness.


Superman, or Kel-El as he was known then, was born on the  late planet Krypton. Shortly after his birth, however, his planet was destroyed. He, being sent off planet in a space-ship made by his father Jor-El, landed on Earth, where he was a being of incredible might. He lived with the Kent family, who discovered his space craft after it's landing, and grew up in the country town of Smallville. Kel-El took on the name Clark Kent, which he used as a secret idenitity ever after. When he was about twenty, Clark's father died. This rocked his world, and sent him on a quest to find his true identity. He found it in an ice fortress, built by Kyptonian technology. There, he learned what was necessary to become a hero, and emerged as the mighty Superman. He took up abode in Metropolis, where disguised as mild manner reporter Clark Kent, he fought crime and stood for Truth, Juscitice, and the American Way. Of course this made hm many enemies, one of which, Lex Luther, discovered he could be overcome with the crystal Kryptonite. Superman survived Luther's plots however, and managed to stop the destruction of California in the process. He had many adventures through the years, some battling Luther, others with a trio of Kryptonians found living, and still more with aliens. During this skirmish he met Jon Johnz, and with him, Batman, and many other heroes formed the Justice Leauge. He served there, as there leader for many years, before finally undertaking his greatest task: fighting Sauron as a member of the FAO. During this battle Superman took a vital role as he lead his freinds through the shards of Krypton, as well as destroying the dread Ewok Statue. During the final battle, he was cut off from the Fellowship, and waged his own battle in the pits of a dream Helm's Deep. His efforts ripped the fabric, finally destroying Sauron's dream realm.


  1. Flight
  2. Speed
  3. Strength
  4. Endurance
  5. Practically Indestructable
  6. X-Ray Vision
  7. Laser Vision
  8. Ice Breath
  9. Hearing