About this character
Height 6 foot one
Age Over a ceuntury
Abilities Magic, mindbreaking, deception.
Allies Durza, Murtagh, the Twins, Lord Barst, Ra-Zac, Morzan, Shruikan
Enemies Eragon Shadeslayer, Saphira Brightscales, Arya Shadeslayer, Nausada, Murtagh, Roaran, Orik, Angela, BLodgarhm, Islanzadi

Galbatorix is a Dragon Rider. On his mighty dragon Shruikan, using his pale sword and deadly magic, he strikes fear in the hearts of all who oppopse him.


As a small boy Galbatorix was chosen as a dragon rider. He was so smart, cunning, strong, and powerful that he qucikly shot through their ranks like an arrow. One day, in arrogance he and a friend, along with their dragons attacked the Urglas. They were defeated, however, and only Galbatorix survived.

In rage and madness, he tore his way back to the Dragon Rider's fortress. There he demanded a new dragon, but it was denied him. In a rage he murdered two dragon riders and fled  to the wastes, where he allied with a Shade, Durza.

Soon he gained a follower, Morzan, and the two began a war on the dragon riders. Armed with a new dragon, Shruikan, that he stole from the order, he and a force of thirteen traitors destroyed them all. He crowned himself King of the World, and for a hudred years, ruled the Empire.

He wished to recreate the Dragon Riders, but his plans were thrown aside when a dragon egg hatched for his enemies, the Varden, and Eragon (later to be known as Eragon Shadeslayer for he killed Durza) came forth.

Galbatorix responded with a desperate search for his own rider, and found Murtagh, son of Morzan to be a good fit. He an Eragon clashed on the three occassions, the first time Murtagh had the victory, the second time Eragon did, and the last time, a one on one duel before the throne of Galbatorix himself, Eragon won. Eragon then attacked Galbatorix, and was unexpectedly aided by Murtagh, who htough wounded was still a might magician. The two's power overcame him, and he was slain.


Somehow he regenerated to join the FoA, and as one of its memkbers he served as a cheif scout and warrior. He was especially crucial in the Battle of Mordor, where he defeated a Balrog.


  1. Magic, so strong he pretty much can do anything with it
  2. Swordplay, a good swordsman, not excellent, but good enough to show up an orc or two.
  3. Dragon, Duh.
  4. Voice, Incredibly deceptive and subtle, can easily turn the minds of men.
  5. Mind Breaking, can attack someone mentally and overcome them. A favorite trick of his is to take control of someone's body, use their lips to swear eternal fealty to him in the Ancehint Language, and then leave, rendering that person his slave forever. (Not a nice guy.)